Intro to Rock Slingers



An asteroid faster than a speeding bullet, bigger than a city block  and headed straight for earth. Meanwhile, astronauts Becky and JJ are Boosterville’s only chance to save the space industry. Boosterville is America’s largest commercial space port, and facing foreclosure. The entire complex of launch pads, facilities, space shuttles, and rockets are on the cutting block. There will be lay-offs and firings all around, and the bankers are on their doorstep. But the universe has just rolled a fantastic throw of the dice.The asteroid is discovered to be loaded with gold, platinum, and rare metals. It is a fortune. There’s a space shuttle fueled and ready to go. All they have to do is go out there and grab that rock. Time is running out, and some desperate measures are called for. The two company astronauts are kidnapped and hastily put on board. It’s a race against time as the bankers and deputies force their way into the space complex. The shuttle blasts off with barely a whisker for a safety margin, and heads for the asteroid. This is the basis for ROCK SLINGERS. It is an amusing look at the future of the Space Program and the Space Industry itself. It is a rollicking adventure as two astronauts deal with an unexpected robot, snag an asteroid, and learn what it means to go for the gold. Everyone who has ever been interested in space travel, the space industry, science fiction, or simply looking for a good laugh, will find what they want in ROCK SLINGERS. And this is just the beginning. There is room for a whole series of future graphic novels based on this one premise, and the characters involved. In short, with times being what they are, and with a renewed interest in space, the moment is ripe for something unique and different. And most importantly, something funny. Strap in, because this ride isn’t for the faint at heart. Editor Emilia Mills and guest artist Zoe Mills.

A web comic about the space industry. Every Monday one page and one article is added until the complete 39 page story is finished. See what happens when the space industry tries to be profitable, and the astronauts find they’re in for a big surprise.